I LOVE helping fellow writers troubleshoot their scripts.
I only take on a few scripts a month to spend ample time on each one. 

Geoff Wise, IMSC founder

FAQ#1: What are your qualifications?

3 respectable features written.
5-star rated on Coverfly-X.
After years helping my local writers' group, I'm now
helping a lot more people.

FAQ#2: Are you going to waste my money?

Pay me only if my notes earned it (they always have so far). 

References cheerfully supplied.

FAQ#3: Are you produced?


1. Submit the form with your consulting need.

2. I email you a turn-around time & proposed price.

3. You email me your draft feature, short or pilot script.

4. I email you my feedback.

5. I answer any lingering questions.

6. You pay me based on your satisfaction.

No, I've stopped writing features to focus my limited time and talent on helping other writers.

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